Starting next season, OVERSPORT will broadcast the entire Serie A TIM for a total of 10 exclusive matches per day, adding also Scottish League.
A completed multisport offer awaits you on OVERSPORT with VOLLEY, SQUASH, ATHLETICS, SPORTS…AND MUCH MORE…



The 2021-2024 seasons of the most beloved football championship by Albanians, Serie A, come exclusively on our platform.
Follow all the matches of the best Italian teams on any smart device with Oversport.


Find the novelty of eSerieA TIM e-sports championships in Oversport. These championships are shared in FIFA 21 and PES 2021 on the Playstation 4 platform. Hundreds hours of matches will show you the innovative magic of video games.


Oversport brings you the European Men and Women Volleyball Championships 2021-2025. This sports calendar is full with events including various qualifiers, club competitions, European leagues, as well as beach & snow volley.


The Scottish Professional Football League finds a new home, exclusively in Oversport.
The 2022-2025 seasons each with over 85 games to enjoy will bring to all subscribers the iconic power and energy of Scottish football.


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Discover and be passionate about the full sports experience that OVERSPORT can offer: Volleyball competitions,Athletics tournament, Scottish Championship, E-sports, Squash Tournament and many other extra content.

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