About Oversport Balcup

The first event of its kind in the Balkans which offers the equal opportunity to all the teams from all over the Balkan to compete against clubs and academies to share their passion for the game.
The tournament will start in December 2021 and will take place in the premises of the Redi Jupi Football Republic Complex, Tirana and in Durres Olympic Park.
Oversport Balcup aims to become the best tournament for young people in the Balkan region by moving to different countries year after year we want to help the football family to discover new football cultures and methodologies by having the socio-cultural experience of competing with teams from other countries.

We want to become the perfect scenario for the discovery of new talents, to achieve this goal we have established a partnership with Oversport TV, the holder of Serie A rights in Albania and Kosovo, which will deal with the creation of highlights and interviews after each match, as well as with the live broadcast of the grand finale.
This tour will raise the bar in Albania between the cities of Durres and Tirana.

The first location is in the fantastic Redi Jupi Football Republic complex just 20 minutes from Tirana and the second location is Olimipc Park Durres perched on the Adriatic Sea 10 minutes away from the center.

The tournament will take place in groups where in the first round 4 teams will face each other (3 matches for each team). The 2 teams that have won the most points after all the matches have been played will advance to the next round. in case of a tie between the teams the winner will be decided based on the result in the direct match, followed by the difference in goals, goals scored and goals conceded. If these criteria do not solve the draw will continue with the shooting of 5 penalties for each of the respective teams. 3rd and 4th places will face 3rd and 4th places of other groups. All teams will be guaranteed a minimum of 4 matches throughout the tournament ..

After the group stage, the qualified teams in the next stage will face each other in the elimination game directly in the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. The first qualified team from group A will face the 2nd qualified team from group B and with this methodology the other groups will also face in case of a draw in the knockout phase there will be no extra time but each team will 5 penalties are awarded.

The categories that will be encountered in this tournament are U11, U13, U15, U17.
The U11 and U17 categories will play in the city of Tirana at the Redi Jupi Football Republic Complex, while the U13 and U15 categories will play in Durres until the semifinals, the final will take place in Tirana on the last day of the tournament.

The tour will take place on 27, 28, 29 December 2021.

Match duration for each category:

U11 50 Minutes per match
U13 60 Minutes per match
U15 70 Minutes per match
U17 80 Minutes per match.