E- Sports

The first E-Sport tournament organized in Tirana by Oversport

Oversport in cooperation with the main gaming center in Tirana will give life to the most innovative and comprehensive E-Sports tournament in Tirana. Each player will compete to win thus becoming the first winner announced by Oversport.


The growth of E-sports in Albania and the creation of the Esports Oversport team. The event will be created to promote three major values:

  • Dedication
  • Technology
  • Fun


The first phase of the tournament will take place in 12 partner gaming centers, each gaming center will organize the first phase autonomously to draw 3 champions who will face the winners of other gaming centers.


The final phase will be played with the 36 winners of each gaming center in three days, the first day the group stage, the second day the 16th and the quarterfinals and the third day the semi-finals final. Gaming Centers will collect registrations. The form of collection of registrations will be paper.


  1. Oversport will enable the 4 finalists to become part of the Oversport Esports team.
  2. Also participants and winners will be provided with free subscriptions from Oversport.
  3. 4 winners will be provided with coupons and special prizes by Alba game.

All participants in the live event will wear T-shirts with the Oversport logo and the gaming center they represent.
Alba Game will be the technical partner which will also provide fantastic prizes for the winners.

12 gaming center partner

12 gaming center partner