The Oversport service is dedicated to the citizens of Albanian nationality of Albania and Kosovo. This service is also offered to all foreign citizens residing within the territory of Albania and Kosovo. This service is also offered to all citizens who benefit from the law of portability and free movement in the territories outside these borders.

Within 24 hours you must bring an identification tool and you will take advantage of the offer to have the subscription on two smartphones.

If you do not meet these conditions you will proceed with the return of the payment within 3 days.

General conditions to benefit from Oversport services.

Oversport services are provided only in Albanian within the territory of Albania and Kosovo. /Awareness: Oversport services are offered only in Albania and Kosovo.

In order to receive Oversport services you must have a stable internet connection without being conditioned on your ISP.

The Subscriber, upon receipt of Oversport products and services, voluntarily acknowledges that it bears full responsibility for subscriptions to Oversport applications in accordance with the Terms of Service, published by the Company “Oversport” sh.p.k:

The Subscriber declares that he / she is of Albanian nationality and that the subscriptions in the Oversport applications will be used by him / her in an appropriate manner, without using it in public places in an unauthorized manner by the legislation in force of the respective states.

The extended terms of use of Oversport products and services can be found published online at while the terms of privacy according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which has entered into force in full effect in August 2021, are published online at .

Article 1 – Definitions

“OVERSPORT Subscriber”: are all individuals, natural and legal persons of Albanian nationality and or resident in the territory of Albania or Kosovo, who subscribe to OVERSPORT services, to enable the benefit of the service only for personal use.

“OVERSPORT Applications” includes all software programs with the name and ownership of Oversport for servicing services on all devices.

“General Terms”: are the terms that regulate and serve to maintain the relationship between the Subscriber and Oversport;

“Package”: is the entirety of the content provided in a coordinated manner of television programs and television channels by Oversportsi part of the Service;

“IPTV / OTT Platform”: is the technical infrastructure provided by Oversport, which includes the broadcasting of sports events in the territory of Albania and Kosovo, Video On Demand, Multivision, Catchup, and many others;

“Pay Per View”: is the service which enables the Subscriber to watch various events or TV channels through the “pay to watch” mode;

“Re-subscription”: is the opportunity given to the Subscriber, who at the moment of termination can benefit from the services provided by Oversport by paying the relevant fee .;

“Service”: are all services that Oversport offers starting from the production and broadcasting of sporting events, Video On Demand, Multivision, Catchup, etc .;

“Subscription Fee”: are the amounts that the Subscriber must pay, as a fee to benefit any Oversport service;

“Territory”: is the territory of Albania and Kosovo from where you can access Oversport services according to the respective legislation, from which the Subscriber can watch sports events and sports programs under all conditions;

“Oversport”: is the company, which is registered in the National Registration Center of the Republic of Albania on May 10, 2021, is the holder of NIPT M11710034B, which operates in the digital television sector with prepaid and offers to Subscribers sports channels and programs. Also sale and purchase of rights to sports events, competitive and friendly sports competitions but also many other services through the IPTV / OTT Oversport system.

“Oversport Video on Demand”: is the service that gives the Subscriber the opportunity to watch the moment he wants movies, documentaries, music or sports events, etc., other TV programs in a gallery organized in the form of a personal video library.

“Oversport Catchup”: is the service that enables the Subscriber to watch the programs of the channels for the past days.

“Recurring Payments” are cyclical payments with or without a term that are made for one or some of the service plans / packages that Oversport offers and that are activated according to the cycle that the client has selected … Learn more

Article 2 – Service Description

Oversport through the IPTV / OTT platform offers services starting from the broadcasting of sports programs, Video On Demand, the possibility of using this platform on computers, tablets, smartphones (Oversport Multivision), Smart TV, Set top Box (smart decoder), Web TV, live Chat, game server, most used social network, Catchup TV and applications, which can be downloaded as desired.

Article 3 – Activation of the Service

3.1. Oversport gives the Subscriber the opportunity to choose the packages he wants through the various combinations that Oversport makes available.

3.2. The subscriber for the use of these services must:

  • Accept the terms and conditions on the website and or sign a contract with Oversport for service on the Oversport IPTV / OTT platform.
  • Choose between recurring monthly payments with an indefinite service term or fixed payments with a defined service term.
  • Have a fast internet connection (+ 4Mbit / s)
  • Have a smart device that supports Oversport applications

3.3. Activation of the service is done at the moment of accepting the terms & conditions and / or signing a contract with Oversport by choosing one or more subscription forms and performing the payment transaction in one of the following forms:

  • Online at
  • Online payments via PayPal / Braintree
  • By purchasing from the official Oversport applications
  • By phone by contacting Oversport customer service in official contacts.

3.4. Oversport gives the Subscriber the opportunity to sign a request for refusal of service, if for various reasons he expresses his opposition to the services. The subscriber can submit a written request, which also explains the reason for the refusal of the service within the set time limit. The request for rejection is accepted:

3.5. Each Subscriber, at the time of Oversport subscriptions, has agreed to the general conditions for receiving the service published online by Oversport LLC.


Article 4 – Payment and billing for services

4.1. Subscription request indicates:

  • Packages and combination that the Subscriber chooses;
  • Agreements for the duration of the subscription that the Subscriber chooses;
  • Delegation for the third person who will use the service / services;

4.2. At the moment the contract ends, the Subscriber to re-subscribe must visit the website or re-subscribe from the application. Just choose the preferred combination and you will benefit from Oversport services.

4.3. Oversport reserves the right to change the price of packages and combinations. The subscriber has the right to immediately terminate the contract with Oversport, sending to Oversport, within 7 (seven) days a letter announcing the non-acceptance of the new terms. If the Subscriber does not exercise the right to terminate the contract within the deadlines described above, the new economic conditions are considered accepted by Oversport and will take effect from the expiration date of 7 (seven) days indicated above.

4.4.Oversport has the right to order the suspension of the Service if the information provided by the Subscriber or the delegate, regarding the payment by credit card, is not correct, as shown in Section 6.2 which follows.

4.5. The subscriber is given the opportunity to have maximum transparency regarding the billing, regarding the remaining credits or regarding the control of programs, sports channels or services.

4.6. For subscribers who have chosen plans with recurring monthly payment, the service renewal is done automatically by keeping the agreed monthly value from the subscriber account. The subscriber reserves the right to withdraw at any time from the recurring monthly payment plan by canceling the service for the following month.

Note: If you have chosen to cancel the service, this will be effective for the following month and not the coherent one giving you the opportunity to view the programming by the end of the month for which you made the payment. Also you can not claim a refund for the month in which you activated the service.

Article 5-Discounts and promotions

5.1.Oversport reserves the right to offer special discounts or promotions for Subscribers in different time periods. The promotion and discounts offered by Oversport will last according to the terms and conditions communicated by Oversport.

5.2. Once these promotions and discounts are over, all packages, services and programs will continue to be offered at real prices set by Oversport.

Article 6 – Termination of Service

6.1.The Termination of Service automatically determines the inability of the Subscriber to access the Services provided by Oversport.

6.2.Oversport reserves the right to suspend the service in the following cases:

  • At the moment that the Subscriber has not paid the re-subscription or does not have enough credits to get the paid Video On Demand services.
  • In case the Subscriber has not signed the contract made available by Oversport or has not accepted the terms and conditions of service.
  • If the information on the Subscriber data for making a credit card payment is incorrect.

6.3.The suspension of the service can be done also for natural reasons or for non-coverage of territorial rights, if the legislation of the place where the Subscriber resides does not allow receiving the TV signal through Oversport.

6.4.If the Subscriber performs the download process with the same internal line.

Article 7 – Quality of Service

Oversport declares that it does not guarantee the quality and continuity of the service from the technical point of view and declares that it is not responsible for the deteriorating quality of the Service, if it depends on:

  • Problems related to the internet network provided by the operator selected by the Subscriber;
  • A channel / platform or source disconnects the signal unilaterally and or the term of cooperation with Oversport has expired.

Article 8 – Changes in the Service

8.1 The Subscriber may request, at any time during the term of the Oversport contract, changes of the Service (package combinations), which causes an increase of the tariff.

8.2 The request for “tariff increase” is submitted to Oversport by calling the customer service, or online on the web.

Article 9 – Termination of Service

9.1. Oversport reserves the right to interrupt the broadcasting of certain sports programs, modify and / or reduce the number of broadcast hours of each package and / or stop viewing any package and / or Service. In such cases, Oversport does not undertake to repay the prepaid credits but will do its utmost to restore and / or replace the programs and / or the number of broadcast hours. In case of interruption of the broadcast of a live event (a sports event suspended due to fog or riots) Oversport does not undertake to return the prepaid “credits” for watching this event through the Pay per View service.

9.2.Oversport may terminate its services at times when intervention is necessary to maintain, repair or improve them. In such cases Oversport will not compensate its Subscribers for possible interventions to be undertaken.

9.3.Interruptions of Services provided for in Section 9.2 shall not cover cases in which the Service is not usable for the reasons set forth in Section 9.4.

9.4.Oversport shall not be liable in any way for any interruption of service, for delay, or malfunction of the Service related to:

(i) internet network provided by other operators

In this case, the provisions set forth in the General Terms of Service shall apply.

9.5.Oversport declares that it is not responsible to the Subscriber for the violation of the terms of the Contract or the impossibility of fulfilling the contractual obligations, if these are caused by circumstances of force majeure. Considered major forces: -War (declared or not), – Pandemics, -Troups, -Sabotage, -Natural disasters, -Earthquakes, -Explosions, -Fire, -Commercial embargoes, -Strikes, -Acts of Albanian or foreign authorities with executive power, – Violations of laws by state authorities or other persons exercising activity in the field of television.

Article 10 – Content

10.1.Oversport reserves the right to conduct surveys with its Subscribers regarding the quality of content of TV channels and TV programs, using also electronic means for the study of the Subscriber’s IP network. Every initiative for the study of the personal viewership of each Subscriber is carried out for the reason of increasing the Service and the quality of television programs, which the Subscriber himself will benefit.

10.2 Referring to the contents of packages offering football and / or sporting events, these packages may be subject to variation, based on the exclusive rights that Oversport will own at the beginning or during each football season and / or championship. sports.

Article 11 – Changes to the General Oversport Terms

Oversport reserves the exclusive right to change the content of the General Terms of Service.

General terms of service of Oversport services are published online at

Article 12 – Protection of minors

12.1 The Subscriber has the right to block the use of the Service by activating a function called “Parental Protection” present in the Oversport applications.This function can be activated through the use of a secret personal code (pin code or adult code), which will be communicated to the Subscriber upon his request.

12.2 The subscriber must keep the personal code secret. In any case of loss or forgetting of the personal secret code Oversportia makes available to the Subscriber, upon receipt of the Subscriber’s request, which can be in writing or can be sent electronically to the e-mail address: info @ oversport. tv.

Article 13 – Service to the Subscriber

13.1 Oversport is committed to providing assistance to Subscribers, through its Customer Care structure: -commercial information and Service content; -administrative information and credit status;

13.2 Oversport makes available to the Subscriber the ways to contact at: active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; -E-mail: -Mob: 069 34 96 564

Oversport will also offer the service to the Subscriber through the online communication system with an Oversport operator.

13.3. In any case related to various problems with the internet network, the Subscriber is advised to notify the operator that offers the internet network, as Oversport does not bear any responsibility.

Article 14 – Information for the Subscriber

General Terms and Conditions and any other information regarding content, features, package prices and combinations or promotions will be published on the website .

Article 15 – Privacy

The personal data of the Subscriber received and necessary for the signing of the Contract, will be processed and processed, based on Law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008 “On the Protection of Personal Data”, amended by law no. 48/2012. Based on Law No. 9887, dated 10.05.2021 “On Personal Data Protection”, amended by law 48/2012, Oversport declares that the Personal Data of the Subscriber will be processed and processed by Oversport through manual and electronic instruments, inside and outside the country based on Law No. 9887, dated 10.05.2021 “On Personal Data Protection”, amended by law 48/2012.

The processing and processing of this data is carried out According to the General Regulation of Data Protection (GDPR) which entered into force in full on May 10, 2021.